Buffalo Wild Wings Survey: BWW Listens

Buffalo Wild Wings® (BWW) is an American casual dining restaurant chain that specializes in mainly chicken wings and side dishes. Incidentally, they also have a customer feedback program called BWW Listens™. This survey allows customers to enter for a chance to win $5 off their next visit to Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

The survey was conducted by Echo Research and they surveyed more than 1,000 travelers that visited Buffalo Wild Wings in the past six months.

The following are their key findings:

  • The most popular menu item is the Boneless Wings.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings offers a variety of sauces and sides to suit any taste.
  • Most people visit for one of two reasons – to order takeout or to get a meal for someone who is not feeling well.

Steps For Buffalo Wild Wings Survey: BWW Listens

Step 1: To enter for a chance to win the $100 Gift Card, you need to submit Buffalo Wild Wings Survey.

Step 2: To send your survey online to the Buffalo Wild Wings Survey team, visit the website,

Step 3: The survey is available in various languages, so there are no excuses not to do it.

Step 4: Fill out your survey honestly and submit the WeisFeedback.com Survey. 

What BWW Listens is All About

Buffalo Wild Wings has been conducting surveys all year and the information they have gathered has helped them to make changes to their business. The survey is a way for customers to voice their opinions of the restaurant and how they feel it can be improved. With over 35,000 responses, BWW was able to identify that customers wished there was more variety in their menu. This feedback helped them decide where to start making changes in order to accommodate these requests.

How to Enter the $5 Off Coupon

BWW is always looking for ways to improve its customer experience. Recently, they conducted a survey to see what customers thought of their service. They asked questions about whether or not the food was hot and fresh, how often the server came by, and how the restaurant performed in general. The survey enabled them to make small adjustments that could have large effects on customer satisfaction such as ensuring that food is hot and fresh, being more attentive to customer needs, and responding quickly when something goes wrong.

BWW Listen’s Survey

BWW Listen’s Survey

Buffalo Wild Wings recently conducted a survey to see how they can do better. The survey results indicated that customers want more sauce options and free refills on iced tea. They also want a buffalo and blue cheeseburger, and they would like to see Burgers, Brews, and BBQ on the menu.

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Rules for Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

Buffalo Wild Wings has a survey to help them determine what customers want. The survey is broken up into sections that include: food, service, and fun. Customers can choose one of three answers for each section and then submit the survey. If Buffalo Wild Wings uses the information from the survey to create new menu items, prizes will be given away.

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Requirements for Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

If you are 18 years or older, have eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings in the last 30 days, and live in the United States, you can take part in this survey. The survey will take 5 minutes to complete. There is also a chance to win a $1500 gift card if you answer all of the questions.

How To Take Buffalo Wild Wings Survey?

  • Go to the official Buffalo Wild Wings Website at http://www.bwwlistens.com/.
  • Then, choose your prefer language.
  • Enter the 16-digit survey code in the survey receipt.
Buffalo Wild Wings
  • After that, click on the “Next” button.

Details of Buffalo Wild Wings Survey

The Buffalo Wild Wings Survey is an annual survey to understand what consumers want and how they want it. This year, the survey showed that consumers are more interested in food and drinks than in sports. A majority of respondents also said that they prefer to eat at home rather than go out for a meal. However, some people still think that going out for wings beats cooking at home because it’s easy to serve wings in large quantities.

BWWlistens Survey Coupon Code

Buffalo Wild Wings has a survey that can be completed to provide feedback. The restaurant gives consumers the opportunity to share their opinions on everything from specific menu items, service times, and even the environment. Once the survey is complete, participants will receive a coupon code for free wings in either Buffalo, Honey BBQ, or Hot & Spicy flavor.

The Questions from the Survey

  1. What is your favorite of all the BWW sauces?
  2. What is your favorite BWW appetizer?
  3. If you could return for one more visit, what would be your beverage of choice?
  4. Is there any flavor that you would like us to consider bringing back from time to time?
  5. How often do you come into a BWW restaurant?

Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Service

Address –  5500 Wayzata Blvd. Ste. 1600 Minneapolis, MN55416 

Phone number – 

  • (952) 593-9943 
  • (952) 593-9787
  • 1-800-499-9586 

Final Thoughts

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most popular wings places in the country. They’ve had a lot of feedback from their customers and have made some changes to their menu to make it more appealing for the customer. They hope that these changes will give them an advantage over other fast food establishments.

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