How to Login Chemical Bank Account Online? Easy Steps and Login Gudie

Chemical Bank is here to give financial clarifications to non-profitable consumers, individuals, and corporations situated in Michigan

It is the second-largest bank established in 1917 that functions as a subsidiary of Chemical Financial Corporation. Refer to the complete guide to know more about login on the Chemical Bank portal.

Chemical Bank Website:
Chemical Bank Routing Number: 072410013
Chemical Bank Swift Code:CHEMUS33XXX
Chemical Bank Mobile App:Android | iPhone
Chemical Bank Phone Number:800-867-9757
Chemical Bank Headquartered In:Michigan
Chemical Bank Founded: 1917 (103 years ago)
Chemical Bank Customer Service(800) 867-9757

How to Login Chemical Bank Website?

Once you have successfully registered to a free account with Chemical Bank then you can login to your bank account. To login to Chemical Bank, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the browser and enter the URL:

Step 2: Click on the login button.

Step 3: Enter the username and password.

Step 4: Then, click on login.

Now, you can successfully access your account.

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How to Reset your Chemical Bank Password?

First, you need to have a valid user ID to reset your password. The user ID must exist on the bank’s database for you to reset the password.

Here are simple steps to reset your password:

Step 1: Below the login option you can see “I forgot my password”.

Step 2: Click on the option to change your password.

Step 3: You are directed to a new page. Here, fill in all the details required.

Step 4: Next, enter your user id, last name, home phone, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number (SSN).

Step 5: Once you are done, click on Submit button.

Step 6: After verification, the bank will allow you to reset your password after approving the information you provide.

How to Enroll for Chemical Bank?

To set up an online account it is important to get enrolled with the bank. For that, you need to present details regarding your bank account.

Step 1: Go to the official page of Chemical Bank.

Step 2: Click on “I don’t have an online banking account yet”.

Step 3: Make sure you read all the terms and conditions. Then, click on “I accept terms of this agreement”.

Step 4: Next, fill in the registration form. In the form, enter your first name, last name, social security number, driving license details, email address, contact details, mother name, date of birth, and zip code.

Step 5: After that, click on Submit button.

Step 6: After verifying your details the bank confirming your data, your online banking account will get activated.

How to manage your Chemical Bank Account Online?

It is easy to set up a Chemical bank account online as long as you are a customer.

When you have successfully registered for the chemical bank, you can easily login to your account anytime. 

  • Pay your bills online.
  • Monitor your account balance.
  • Utilize the safer and reliable platform efficiently.
  • Easily access your account details.
  • Receive all reports and bank records.

Benefits of Chemical Bank

The bank customers enjoy customized and association services. It includes money administration tools that assist customers in making financial arrangements and follow efficient money control.

Persona Checking Account

  • An interest scoring account to maintain daily balances. 
  • The privilege of having this account is monthly interest, a variety of statement opportunities to suffice your needs, banking service, mobile banking, reduction on loan rate, and fickle interest rate.


  • Without any services charges and zero minimum balance, you can enjoy free ATM transactions, free internet banking, free e-bill returns, and unlimited debit card transactions.


  • The right choice for individuals above 55+
  • It comes with free ATM transactions only at Chemical Bank ATMs. 
  • Provides countless debit card transactions, internet banking, official photocopies, and e-bill pay assistance.


  • It comes with minimum balance terms, checking charges, free check writing.


  • You can enjoy paperless account services 24/7 customer assistance. They can also access repositories and there is no minimum balance required. 

Chemical Bank Savings account

  • Chemical Bank savings account offers nine distinct types of savings account that is best for privacy, occasions, or experiences. 
  • It includes: Classic, MI Savings, Youth Savings, Holiday club, Money market, Premier Money Market, Certificate deposit, Chem Flex Investment, and credit cards benefits are also available.

Drawbacks of Chemical Bank

Lending opportunities

  • The lending abilities are restricted. 
  • There are only two loan options i.e. consumer loans and mortgage loans.

Bounded locations

  • The bank functions only in Michigan. 
  • Those customers who are not located in this state can’t use the platform. 


This is the best banking solution for the people of Michigan. If you are looking for banking with Chemical Bank, then you will enjoy a variety of savings and checking account opportunities, restricted availability, loan options, and credit and debits cards facilities. 

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