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When it comes to healthcare, Patients First has always been our guiding principle. That’s why we’re so excited about our new Patient Portal. Our Patient Portal is a one-stop shop for all of your healthcare needs. From scheduling appointments and obtaining prescriptions to tracking progress and communicating with your doctor, the Patient Portal is designed to make your experience with OFMC as easy as possible. We hope you take advantage of our new Patient Portal and let us help you live a healthier life.

How OFMC uses patient portal

The Patient Portal is the centerpiece of how OFMC uses patients’ information. It is a secure online portal that allows patients to view their health record, request appointments, and access other services. The Patient Portal also allows providers to view patient information and make appointments.

Patients can access the Patient Portal by clicking on the “My OFMC” tab at the top of any page on the website. After logging in, patients will be taken to a page where they can see their health record, including medical history and medications. Patients can also request appointments with providers or consults by clicking on the “Request Appointment” button or consultings by selecting from a list of providers.

How To Login The OFMC Patient Portal

If you are an OFMC patient, you need to login to the patient portal in order to access your medical records, share feedback with your care team, and more.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to https://www.ocalafamilymedicalcenter.com/

2. Click on the “OFMC Patient Portal” button in the top right corner of the page.

OFMC Patient Portal

3. Enter your patient in the “User Name” field and click on “Login.”

OFMC Patient Portal

4. You will be redirected to the “My Account” page. Here, you will be able to access your medical records and leave feedback for your care team.

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Forgot Username?

Go to the https://myhealthrecord.com/portal/SSO/ and click on the “Forgot Username” tab.

OFMC Patient Portal

Please enter your First Name, Last Name, Date Of Birth and Zip Code in the form page.

OFMC Patient Portal

Click on the “Submit” button.

OFMC’s patient portal features

The Patient Portal at Orlando Health is a online resource that provides patients with access to their medical information, including test results and medication lists. The portal also includes tools for tracking appointments and communicating with healthcare providers.

The Patient Portal was developed in collaboration with health care providers and patients. The goal was to create a platform that would streamline the patient experience and improve communication between patients and healthcare providers.

The Patient Portal is available to patients at all of Orlando Health’s locations. It can be accessed through any web browser, tablet or smartphone. Patients can also print out their records or send them electronically to other healthcare providers.

The Patient Portal is constantly updated with the latest information on treatments and services offered by Orlando Health. In addition, the Patient Portal has a forum where patients can ask questions about their health or share experiences they have had with the hospital system.


The OFMC Patient Portal is a great resource for patients and their families. The Patient Portal allows you to manage your health information, book appointments, and more. You can also use the Patient Portal to find out about upcoming events and educational opportunities that are relevant to your care. We hope that the OFMC Patient Portal will make your experience as a patient at our hospital easier and more convenient.

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