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Rakuten mobile app is the best way to purchase products online with your Android phone. It provides many facilities such as you can keep your savings, you can also check for clubcards or discount programs.  If you want detailed information about the Rakuten app and want to operate it then you need to login into the Rakuten Credit Card.

By logging in to Rakuten Credit Card you can enjoy plentiful prodigious facilities and offers. This article will help you to get information about the steps for logging in Rakuten credit cards.

How To Register For Rakuten Credit Card?

If you want to register yourself for the Rakuten Credit Card then follow the given steps which will be helpful to you to do the process.

These steps are really easy and will help you to finish the process in minutes:

  • First of all to begin the process open your browser and visit official website https://www.rakuten-card.co.jp/campaign/rakuten_card/
  • If you are presently a member of rakuten then select the ‘楽天会員の方’ option and if you are not the member of rakuten then click the option ‘楽天会員でない方‘.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Now select the card of your choice and select the design as well. Rakuten offers various cards such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. If you want to use your card around the world then you should choose a VISA or MasterCard.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Now fill in your personal details asked on the page such as your full name, gender and birth date. In the first and second row you should use katakana and in the last room use alphabet characters. These alphabetic characters will be printed and shown on your card.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Now enter a valid Japanese phone number and your email address.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • If you want to receive notifications and updates from Rakuten then select the option ‘受け取る’. If you do not went them then click the option ‘受け取らない‘. Now fill in the postal details of your residential address in Japan. Your card will be  sent to this address.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Enter your family details asked on the page. If you live with your husband/wife and children then click the second option on the menu bar.
  • Click the third option if you live only with your spouse. Select the fourth option if you’re not living with either your spouse or children.
  • Select the fifth option if you are unmarried or single and live away from your family members.

    Choose the last option if you live with your family and you do not have a partner like a spouse or husband/wife.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Enter the status of your residence and the time period for which you have lived in that residence. If you have loans then click the option ‘支払いあ’ but if you do not have then select the option ‘支払いなし’. 
  • No fill in your employment status.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Choose the bill which is to be sent to your home. If you have borrowed amounts from any other company then choose ‘あり’ option and if you do not have then select ‘なし’ option.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Select the ‘希望する’ option  to join the Edy feature. If you don’t want to join the feature then select the ‘希望しない’ option.
Rakuten Credit Card
  • Link your bank account with a Rakutenon credit card. For this process we have given step by step process blue the application process.
  • Now the last step of the application process is to go to the terms and conditions of the Rakuten credit card and if you agree with them click on the ‘continue’ button.
  • In a day or two you will receive a phone call from Rakuten and for the confirmation process after that you will finally be registered for the Rakuten Credit Card.
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How  To Link Your Bank Account To Rakuten Credit Card

  • Firstly, select your bank account and fill in your bank details asked on the web page.
  • To avoid any mistakes, re-check your cash card details.

How To Login Into Rakuten Credit Card

if you want to login into rakuten credit card account then you can follow the given below easy steps which will be helpful to you in doing the process relevantly:

Rakuten Credit Card Contact Details

If you want any further information or need any help regarding your doubts or queries then you can contact the rakuten customer service line which is open for you 24*7.

Given below are some contact details:

Contacting us by email at this address: RUSA-privacy@rakuten.com

Calling us @ : +1 (650) 383-1328

Toll-Free Number: (888) 880-8430

Advertising Inquiries US, Canada, Australia

Call Customer Service

Legal: (650) 383-1328

Media: (888) 880-8430

Advertising Inquiries US, Canada, Australia, (646) 943-8200 ext 7 Advertising Inquiries US, Canada, Australia

Rakuten Website: www.rakuten.com

Rakuten Online Chat: Visit contact page

Corporate Office Address:

Ebates Performance Marketing, Inc. dba Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten Credit Card Headquater Address: 800 Concar Drive, Suite 175, San Mateo, California 94402, United States

We hope that this article will help you to solve your queries about rakuten and will give you all the required details.

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