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When you’re a patient at St Vincent’s Hospital, you can use the hospital’s patient portal to manage your medical history, appointments and more. The patient portal is a secure website that’s designed to make your experience as a patient at the hospital easier and more manageable.

What is the St Vincent Patient Portal?

The St Vincent Patient Portal is a website that connects patients with doctors and staff at the hospital. It is a way for patients to find information and connect with the hospital. The portal also provides access to patient records, appointments, and email notifications.
The St Vincent Patient Portal was created in 2006 as a way to improve communication between patients and doctors. The portal has since been used by many patients to connect with the hospital. It has helped patients find information about their health, make appointments, and stay updated on their medical care. The portal is a resource that hospitals can use to improve communication and collaboration between patients and doctors.

How To Log Into Your St Vincent Patient Portal

If you are a St Vincent patient, you will need to login to your Patient Portal in order to manage your care and receive updates about your health.

To login Follow these fee steps:

St Vincent Patient Portal
  • Enter your patient details (your user name and password).
St Vincent Patient Portal
  • Click on Sign In. You will now be logged into your Patient Portal.
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How To Change Your Password

If you forget your password, or if you need to change it, follow these steps:
1. Enter your email address into the “Log In” box on the homepage of the website.

St Vincent Patient Portal

2. Click on “Forgot Password?” in the email you received.
3. Enter your sign-in email address or username and complete the validation process. We’ll send you a link to reset your password.

St Vincent Patient Portal

4. Enter your email address again and click on “Log In.”

What information is available on the St Vincent Patient Portal?

The St Vincent Patient Portal provides patients with access to their medical history, appointment information, and more. Patients can also find out about available clinical trials and connect with other patients who are using the portal.

What can I do if I need more information about my illness or treatment?

The Vincent Patient Portal is a one-stop shop for information about Vincent disease and treatment. You can find out all you need to know about the disease, including how it is treated, medication options, prognosis and research opportunities. The portal also includes guides on how to manage your illness, as well as support groups for people living with Vincent disease.

How do I communicate with my doctor or health care team about my health?

If you are a patient of St Vincent’s Health, you can communicate with your doctor or health care team through the Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is a secure website that allows you to manage your medical information, book appointments and connect with your health team. You can access the Patient Portal 24/7, and it is free to use.

How To Get Assistance from social services

If you need help from social services, you can login to the patient portal and find information about how to get assistance. You can also search for resources by topic or contact your local social services office.

St Vincent Patient Customer Service Number

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