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In order to know more about fonduesurvey @ www.Fonduesurvey.Com, and how to take the Melting Pot Fondue survey, and everything then just keep on reading this article as we are going to talk exactly about that. You will get to know almost all the details related to fonduesurvey that you need to know.

Therefore, stay with us till the end, and read carefully. Now, without wasting any more time than we already have, let’s just jump right into the ocean of information about the Melting Pot Fondue Survey.

About Melting Pot Survey @ www.fonduesurvey.com

Melting Pot Fondue visitor Fondue Surveys are published online at www.fonduesurvey.com, and include a survey specially developed by Melting Pot Fondue to increase customer satisfaction.

By participating in the Melting Pot feedback survey, you are eligible to participate in the Melting Pot sweepstakes, and you have a chance to win a Melting Pot gift card worth $100.

Whether their customers are satisfied with the food, and service they provide, or are bored with the suggestions, when you fill out the hot pot customer satisfaction questionnaire, they will welcome all the comments as it will help them grow, and make their services better.

What are the Rules and Regulations of the Fondue Survey?

Everything has its terms and conditions, and so does this fondue survey. So, the rules and regulations for www.fonduesurvey.com survey are as follows-

⦁ The customer should be a legal resident of the US, and he/she should be above 17 years of age.

⦁ The participants also should have a basic knowledge of languages like Spanish and English.

⦁ A good and fast net connection is required as well.

⦁ The Melting Pot Fondue survey would require a receipt as well.

⦁ Limitations are that one participant at a time is allowed.

⦁ The employees of the company or their family members or anyone are not allowed to take the survey.

⦁ The prize would be non-transferable.

⦁ A valid email I’d and phone number is also necessary.

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Process of taking part in the survey:

  • We already know the rules, now it’s time for the process which is the main part. Therefore, here is a clear and easy way of taking part in the fonduesurvey @ www.fonduesurvey.com.
  • Visit their website, www.fonduesurvey.com. Once you visit this page, you will be asked to choose your preferred language between English and Spanish. Choose one, and move ahead. Then, you will be asked for the access code.
  • Answer that in yes or no, Fill the access code, and click on “next” To proceed. If the answer is NO, then they will ask you to fill in details like country, state, and location. After doing that, and passing this stage, they will ask if you dined with them or not. Answer that in YES or NO as well, and tap on next to proceed.
  • After that, they will ask you for the date of your visit, and your check number which is provided in the receipt itself. After doing that, do the same drill to proceed, and then they will ask you to enter the server’s name, and they will also ask you about the service, whether the manager/owner visited your table or not. Now, the actual survey has just begun.
  • Now, they will ask you to rate your experience from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Then, they will ask some brief questions about your experience, and what they need to improve, and how.
  • From now on, whatever they are asking, make sure you are being truthful, and helping them in the best way possible as this is the main reason for the survey.
  • The questions are easy to answer, and they will ask you for some of your basic personal details as well. At the end of the survey, you will receive the coupon code that will help you save some dollars on your next visit.


We are at the end of this article, and we have discussed almost everything related to fonduesurvey @ www.fonduesurvey.com.

The survey is super easy, and kind of interesting to do. It would not consume much of your time, so you can do it quickly and help your favorite Melting Pot Fondue as well. Therefore, we hope this article was helpful for you as we have mentioned all the details that you needed to know about.

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